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17th-Dec-2008 11:17 pm
Er, hi.
At about 10:20 pm today (Dec. 17th), our house suddenly shook. Dad seemed to feel most of it and thought mom crashed her car into our garage. Mom, who was just driving the car up, felt the car shake, and thought she crashed it or blew out a tire (neither thing happened).
Me, I thought something large fell over (nothing did). Or it was a possible explosion nearby (no smoke, fire, or sirens, even).

One of my friends, who lives about 7 miles away from me (near Deer Valley Airport), felt/heard the exact same thing about 5 minutes before I did.

Another friend lives about 10 miles away, and felt/heard the same thing at roughly the same time as I.

That rules out explosion or thunderclap, due to laws of physics and how sound travels.

I should also mention that our cats freaked out, too.

So, I'm asking if anybody else in the North Phoenix (heck, even Downtown) area felt/heard anything similar at about that time. Even if the time's way off, if you felt/heard it, please, tell me. I want to know what just happened.

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