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10th-Sep-2009 12:54 pm(no subject)
Hi there, I have two 8 week old puppies, and they have had their first shots and vet check. I am currently looking for a good vet to take them to regularly to finish up their puppy shots and also to have in case of anything that comes up.

Do you all recommend anyone that's in Tempe/Chandler area? also any places that are cheaper or offer coupons or have cheaper shot clinics, etc? Also do any of you know of any good places to get cheaper stuff for dogs (like baby gates, crates, etc) because Petsmart seems to be super super expensive.

any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.
9th-Sep-2009 02:30 pm - Press Conference tomorrow!
Big announcement tomorrow at 1:30 for Counter Culture. Press conference with the Mayor of Tempe and City Council. 6th & Mill. Be there!!!
20th-Aug-2009 06:24 am - New West Valley Meetup
april 23, 2011

Hi I'm Vicki,
I'm hoping some AZ locals will join the new http://www.meetup.com/Walking-Cycling  MEETUP GROUP I created cause
  1. how fun would it be to make new friends while getting fit?
  2. I want ideas on where to bicycle and walk in Glendale and the West Valley
  3. We will meet saturdays and ride to downtown phoenix for the farmer

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19th-Jul-2009 06:15 pm - Counter Culture on Mill
There is a very real possibility that Counter Culture will be reopening in the near future. This time on Mill Avenue in a 6100 square feet location with a full kitchen. We will also be a full venue with a real stage and sound system, a bar and a retail location specializing in locally produced art music and fashion. It's time for us freaks to take back Mill! Think positive thoughts, help us generate some buzz and spread the good word!

ps: We have an amazing opportunity here and are currently negotiating free rent for our first year, but we need help: partners, sponsors and investors. Even small amounts of capital will help, and while there is no such thing as a risk-free investment, free rent for a year, complete commercial kitchen, in between a large parking garage and the MADCAP Theaters, at the base of two (currently under construction) condo towers and walking distance from the nation's largest public research university (asu) makes this a no-brainer! please spread the word and contact andres.yuhnke@gmail.com with any interest. thanks!
6th-May-2009 04:26 pm - THIS SATURDAY

You receive a free cd with entry

An amazing line up, including:

The Constellation Branch
Courtney Marie Andrews
Gospel Claws
Western Medicine
You, Me and Apollo
Oxygen Anchors

This Saturday at the Modified (407 E. Roosevelt Phoenix, Arizona 85004), doors at 4:30.

Come have a drink or 2 with us at Lost Leaf as well!
11th-Apr-2009 03:13 pm - American Idol Viewing Party - Phoenix
August 2007
Come watch the show with other fans and cheer on your favorite Idol Contestant!

If we get a good turnout, I'll contact local media and try to get some television and/or newspaper coverage.


RSVP's greatly appreciated! For more info and directions, email Melenie at kickawesomefan@gmail.com
13th-Jan-2009 10:05 pm(no subject)

I'm new to Phoenix, and a leeeeetle bored. I used to live on an island near Seattle, but moved here in early October just to switch thangs up a little. I haven't started school yet, and all I do is work, and read and try to Google interesting things to do here, but nothing has really piqued my interest. I'm 18, so bars are out of the question, and most concerts seem to be too.
So, people of the greater Phoenix area-- What is a girl to do? Are there any secret, amazing things about this city that don't require a companion? (Single, no friends, yadda yadda.) I feel a little hesitant about going places alone because I have a propensity for getting lost, but I'm tired of lurking at the Library and Whole Foods, help a sister out:)
17th-Dec-2008 11:17 pm - explosion/earthquake/what?
Er, hi.
At about 10:20 pm today (Dec. 17th), our house suddenly shook. Dad seemed to feel most of it and thought mom crashed her car into our garage. Mom, who was just driving the car up, felt the car shake, and thought she crashed it or blew out a tire (neither thing happened).
Me, I thought something large fell over (nothing did). Or it was a possible explosion nearby (no smoke, fire, or sirens, even).

One of my friends, who lives about 7 miles away from me (near Deer Valley Airport), felt/heard the exact same thing about 5 minutes before I did.

Another friend lives about 10 miles away, and felt/heard the same thing at roughly the same time as I.

That rules out explosion or thunderclap, due to laws of physics and how sound travels.

I should also mention that our cats freaked out, too.

So, I'm asking if anybody else in the North Phoenix (heck, even Downtown) area felt/heard anything similar at about that time. Even if the time's way off, if you felt/heard it, please, tell me. I want to know what just happened.

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Coffe time
Hi.  I was browsing LJ for a decent AZ community and found this.  I'll be most likely visiting next month from the 5th through the 12th in Scottsdale and hope to have a good time out there again.  

First though, I first visited during the Christmas season 2006 and I gotta say how beautiful it was.  The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, the streets were clean, no garbage blowing around, nice friendly people, and the view of the hills off in the distance was just breathtaking.  I loved it.  I just wish next month would get here already so we can go.

My friend told me about this bar, I forgot the name of it, where Thursday nights was "guys night out" and they even had undie contests where the guys would model in boxers and nothing else (his words not mine).  Anybody know what I'm talking about?

Also another reason we're going there is my friend is trying to get into the radio business so we're gonna scope out the scene and see if we can find anything out there.  He graduated a few months ago and is currently looking for work, preferably somewhere in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area.
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